Subscription Trial

If your subscription access has a trial period, you will be automatically upgraded to a paid subscription access plan at the end of the trial period. You will be notified of the amount that will be charged to renew before your trial period or first paid subscription access plan expires (if there was no trial period). Further notification regarding charges will occur only on fee changes. 

Expired Credit Card on Account

If the credit card originally provided to start the subscription access expires, it is your organization's responsibility to update the credit card on your account before the subscription access plan attempts to renew.  If the card information is not updated in time, all access to your RSportz organization will be blocked until the card information is updated successfully. 


You can cancel your subscription access at any time by notifying your RSportz representative or sending a request to our help desk.  Access will then continue to be available to the end of the paid term so that the subscription access plan does not renew.  RSportz does not provide refunds for cancelled monthly subscription access plans but we may choose to refund longer term subscription access plans at your request and based on our discretion.